Starting Fresh

One of the great blessings of life is getting to start fresh every day. No matter what yesterday looked like or felt like, no matter how things went, today is a new day. You can begin again in any area if you want to. Sometimes life hands us some unexpected events or circumstances which cause us to start fresh whether we like it or not!

Either way, decide what you really want in your life in every area. Take an inventory of areas in your life that are less than satisfactory and those that are more than satisfactory already. Maybe your business is very profitable, but your life feels out of balance. Perhaps you are growing a new, exciting relationship, but your health needs attention. 

Whatever you decide you want to be different, begin taking steps to create it. Set specific and measurable goals that are so clearly stated when you read them you can literally see what they will look like when reached. Then list at least three action steps to incorporate to achieve that goal. 

For example, if your goal is to lose twenty pounds by December 31, your action steps may be: Exercise 30 minutes/day, 5 times/week; Eat 1,600 calories or less per day; Drink half my weight in water every day. 

Having action steps in place provides direction and breaks down the larger goal into smaller pieces which are more doable. Do this for every area you wish to start fresh. Then read your action plan every day. Research shows when you read your goals every single day you are 80% more likely to reach them.

If you get discouraged, remember Helen Keller (who was blind and deaf but still became a famous author, activist, and lecturer) said, "We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough." She's talking about persistence and perseverance. She knows firsthand we sometimes have roadblocks and fears that can get in our way if we let them. 

Be conscious of everything that remains consistent in your life during this time of beginning again. Hang on tightly to beliefs and relationships that support you most positively. Remember what makes you genuinely happy and allow yourself to do those things every day. 

Beginning again in any area will be simpler if you keep mindful of everything that matters to you the most. As you observe yourself turn a new corner successfully, be sure and celebrate! You deserve to pat yourself on the back for the courage you found and the results you reached. 

What areas of your life do you find yourself starting over at this time, and what has been most helpful in doing so?


© - Cindy D. Whitmer - April 13, 2017