Deciding to Be Wealthy

When I mention wealth, you probably immediately think I’m talking about money. Well, I am, but only partially. In the Encarta Dictionary, wealthy means, “rich or having a large amount of money or possessions” or “enjoying an abundance or great quantity of something.”

Therefore, being wealthy may mean you have a million dollars or multiple houses, cars, boats, bank accounts, etc. However, it could mean you have great joy, love, or satisfaction in your life. Perhaps you have an abundance of friends which gives you the feeling of being wealthy.

My challenge for you today, no matter what kind of wealth you are looking for, is that you decide to be wealthy. I want you to make the decision right now, that you indeed are wealthy, right where you are with all that you have, no matter what that is.

You see, wealth is a state of mind more than anything else. In financial terms, you may feel broke. However, if you have a roof over your head and at least $1 in a bank account, you are wealthier than one billion people on the planet!

If you enjoyed a hot meal with friends or family during the recent holidays, you also are wealthier (in relationships and resources) than more than one billion people!

Feeling abundant in your life is recognizing all that you are blessed to have rather than focusing on what may be lacking in some area. Just being able to read this article means you’ve had the opportunity to get enough education to learn to read. This is a blessing many are never privileged to receive.

The reason it is in your best interest to decide you are indeed wealthy right now is the more appreciative we are for what we have, the more we invite to come into our lives. We will attract more of what we desire by simply being grateful for what we already have.

The other aspect of feeling wealthy now is treating all that we have (health, relationships, material possessions, etc.) with great respect. When we give proper attention to everything, we also invite greater abundance into our lives.

Experts on life, success, and happiness have other perspectives on what it means to be wealthy.

Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love says, “Wealth means we go to sleep at night knowing our talents and abilities were used in a way that served others. We’re compensated by grateful looks in people’s eyes, whatever material abundance supports us in performing joyfully and the magnificent feeling that we did our bit today to save the world.”

Richard Paul Evans, author of The Five Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me says, “Life isn’t about money. It’s about God, love, and relationships. It’s about learning and growth.”

“Part of that growth is learning balance between different forces of life. Money, like health and spirituality, is part of that symmetry and for those who do not accept responsibility for financial matters, life is thrown out of balance.” 

Deciding to be wealthy then, means taking full responsibility for your finances and other resources like your health and relationships. It means seeing abundance and prosperity rather than lack.

With whatever you already have, treat it like it is sacred. Nurture all that is yours by taking very good care of it. We teach children to respect their toys, clothes, rooms and friendships to make them last. We need to do the same.

Take inventory of all that you have. Be thankful for what you find. If you feel something is missing, take steps to bring that into your life. Then be grateful for the journey of creating it.

When you decide you are wealthy, your life will feel more calm and satisfying. Your worries will decrease while your enjoyment increases. Then you’ll feel even richer than you already did.  

© - Cindy D. Whitmer (January 24, 2015)