Why Not?

Standing on the tiny platform with all the proper gear in place, I eyed the skyline of Dallas wondering why on earth I had actually paid for this ~ the opportunity to bungee jump! What was I thinking?

Then my gaze shifted to the ground where these two tiny people (formerly known as my tall teenagers) sat waiting for me to throw myself headfirst into the unknown. As I blew kisses to each of them, I felt my body shaking and my mind reviewing my life as if it were about to end, right here, right now.

Usually, I am such a sensible person. I always wear my seat belt. I don’t go out alone at night. I lock the doors. What had gotten into me that I decided to do this?

Jonathan, the patient guy in charge standing nearby, reassured me everything was going to be just fine. I was safe. He had my back. 

With that comforting thought, my focus shifted. Why not “just do it” as Nike would insist? I am forty five years old, and I am here. This park has a 100% safety record. I knew I would feel so happy from having done it. I was fortunate to be able to do it!

So down I went, allowing my body to flop in the wind like a rag doll. I could hear people cheering, and as I gently plopped into the giant mat below I felt so alive, so thankful for having mustered up the courage to leave that tiny platform after all. 

When it was over, I thought about how much we let fear stand in our way of so many things. The boy may never ask the girl for a date. The employee may never seek the promotion they deserve. Some will never fly in an airplane because of their certainty it will crash.

Most of our fears are self-created and unwarranted. Granted, sometimes planes do crash, accidents happen, and people experience rejection. However, many times when we hesitate we are robbing ourselves of opportunities that could add so much to our lives.

We finish before we even begin because we talk ourselves into believing more in all the possibilities of what could go wrong instead of the more likely scenario that everything will turn out just fine or even wonderful!

Ask yourself what you are afraid of and why. What horrible things are you imagining will happen if you follow your heart’s desire and go for it? Then ask yourself what will happen if you never do what you most want to do. How does that make you feel?

At age seven, Dr. John Demartini was told he had a learning disability and would never read, write or communicate effectively. He dropped out of school at age fourteen and nearly died at age seventeen. 

His physician, Dr. Paul Bragg said, “Why not tell yourself you are a genius and you apply your wisdom?” “Yeah, why not?” thought John so he faced his fears, finished school, went to college and beyond.

Dr. Demartini is now the author of more than 54 training programs and 13 books who travels the world speaking and teaching courses on financial success and life mastery. He is a happily married, multi-millionaire, living his dreams.

What if he had never convinced himself to try? What if had chosen to believe he wasn’t capable? 

Most of the time fear is just “fantasized experiences appearing real.” Like me telling myself I would die if I attempted to bungee jump instead of the more probable outcome of not only surviving but feeling exhilaration doing so. 

Bob Proctor, radio/television personality and self-made millionaire says, “We can either tiptoe through life and hope that we get to death without being too badly bruised or we can live a full, complete life achieving our goals and realizing our wildest dreams.” 

If you feel compelled to do something you have never done, ask for something you have always wanted, or say something you are aching to say, bravely step off the platform and see what can happen. You feel these desires for a reason. Blessings are waiting for you, so “Why not?”

© - Cindy D. Whitmer (April 6, 2013)