Cindy Whitmer Coaching

What is it?
Coaching is a collaborative relationship utilized to move clients from where they are personally or professionally to where they want to be.

People hire coaches for every reason you can imagine. Basically any area in your life you desire improvement is a great excuse to find a coach and allow them to support you, guide you, and hold you accountable as you work to reach every goal and dream you have.

I will listen carefully to your needs, and together we will build a vision for your life and steps for making it a reality. I will be your direct, yet compassionate advocate in changing your life. You can count on my reliability, professional expertise, and genuine respect for you as we create everything you want.

In my eyes, there is no limit to human potential, and I would be grateful to add you to my list of clients and comrades!

Common Reasons to Hire A Coach:
Finding Work-Life Balance
Growing Income
Improving a Relationship
Building Better Functioning Corporate Teams
Managing Stress/Depression/Anxiety
Increasing Retention in the Workplace
Overcoming Grief/Trauma
Reaching Personal/Professional Goals
Creating Greater Overall Life Satisfaction
Being Healthier
Maintaining A Successful Life/Business

Kinds of Coaching:
Group Workshops, Trainings & Retreats
Not sure what you need? ~ Just ask!

Where Do We Meet?
Telephone Sessions
Skype Sessions
In Person Sessions
Conference Rooms
Workshop Venues
Retreat Centers

Why Hire Cindy?
25+ years of experience
Certified Canfield Trainer (Learn More Here)
Coach University Core Essentials Graduate
Licensed Professional Counselor
Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Author of two books

Cindy is one of those coaches who will do whatever it takes to help you move forward, no matter how difficult the situation.
— Tresa Leftenant

She is an amazing person to talk with. Her hallmark big smile and ability to put you at ease is life altering.
— Dan S.


How do I hire Cindy?