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Before I started my 90 Day Confidence Coaching journey with Cindy, I felt like it wasn’t ok if I didn’t take care of everything and everyone. I never thought I was good enough, and I felt alone. Since we’ve been coaching together and I’ve been doing my homework, holding myself accountable to my goals, I can now say that I am enough, and I am drawn to positive energy in other people unlike ever before. Now I can identify when I have too much on my plate and it’s ok not to take on more than I can handle. I think Cindy is a gift, I never felt judged by her, and it’s just amazing how talking with her helped me find myself again. Her light shines on everyone she touches. #rockstar

~ Angela Holbrook, Ohio

“Coaching with Cindy has been a freeing experience to validate me, my self-worth and my life which has helped me settle my rumination. It’s also helped me with my confidence, goal-setting, and decision-making. Loved having a different perspective and the ‘aha’ moments that came. Cindy also helped me get through a difficult breakup (which is the hardest thing I’ve ever been through) by asking me the tough questions and helping me see things clearly so I could walk away for good. I now know I am important and need to take care of myself first and foremost.”

~ Debra Brown, Oregon

“I met Cindy several years ago and knew she had a wonderful reputation as a coach and counselor. A family issue came up, and we were struggling to communicate about it. I immediately called Cindy and asked if she would be willing to set up conference calls with three family members, as we all lived in different states. Of course she was willing and able, and she helped us find our way through the fear of speaking our truth.  Over several sessions we grew to trust each other more and ultimately reached a new level of understanding and connection. Cindy is one of those coaches who will do whatever it takes to help you move forward, no matter how difficult the situation. She helped my family in a deep and meaningful way, and I know she can help you and yours.” 

~Tresa Leftenant CFP(r), Founder/Owner - My Financial Design & author of Reinventing Her, Washington

“Cindy met with me after I moved to a new city and was struggling with the transition. She listened to me and helped me clarify what was affecting me. I also struggle with depression and anxiety. Cindy helped me identify the negative thought patterns that were plaguing me and keeping me depressed. She helped me retrain my thinking so I could start thinking with clarity and truth. Lastly, Cindy walked with me through a shameful childhood memory. She reframed that memory for me and brought me to a place where I could offer true love and compassion to my childhood-self. Working with Cindy helped me embrace myself as I am. Cindy gave me concrete ways to make improvements in my life. I often find myself revisiting the things Cindy taught me, and I even share them with others when I think they can be helpful.”

~JS, Age 30

“When I was coming to see Cindy, I saw no quality of life left for myself as I believed since all my dreams had been shattered my life was useless, I had horrible guilt for the choices I had made that affected the lives of my children, and I  lacked the ability to see what an incredible person I truly was. The first thing Cindy did was made me feel incredibly comfortable. Each week was like seeing a good friend not a ‘counselor.’ She has an incredibly open personality that makes you feel right at home and not like you are having some kind of medical examination. (I have seen many counselors trust me this makes a difference.) She never once made me feel like I had not suffered like I had, giving me complete compassion, yet at the same time helping me turn that negative into a positive. The greatest gift Cindy gave to me, and I believe she gives to everyone was to help me see what a wonderful person I truly am. How much I have to give still to the world and no matter where you are in your life you have incredible value. I have worked with many  health professionals & few are as talented and giving as Cindy. I recommend her highly.”

~Miss Kelly Thompson, Age 51, Kansas

“Cindy Whitmer was instrumental to the members of my nutrition and fitness club by leading monthly training workshops that helped participants move from a self-critical state of mind into self-awareness. Ultimately, members healed past hurts and increased self-love, which supported their weight-loss and other health-related goals. With Cindy’s teaching techniques, life skills, and solid sounding board, our club community grew to understand themselves and others more fully and live more authentically. She is a gem!”

~Brooke Johnson, Owner, Body & Soul Nutrition

“As a former client of Ms. Whitmer’s, I am inclined to say what a genuine & caring person she is. Coaching  is her passion, and it shows in sessions and continued relationships, which I feel we have. I first was a client of Cindy’s struggling in my marriage and talk of divorce. Cindy asked, ‘Tell me why you want a divorce?’ My husband & I sat there speechless, unable to fully respond with a true reason why.  She then said, ‘If you can’t articulate a reason why you feel a divorce is necessary, then your marriage is not at that point.’ She was 100% right. We are still married, going on 8 years. Another example of her help and guidance was back in 2014. My husband and I embarked on an incredible journey together and lost 160 lbs. I wanted another baby so badly I cried myself to sleep some nights. It was devastating seeing one negative test after another. In February, I became pregnant, but miscarried April 4th, which was very traumatic. Cindy, I felt, was heartbroken with me and for me. She let me express my innermost secrets and feelings on this matter, and I never once felt stigmatized, like I had felt from my own family who said, ‘it will get  better ~ it wasn’t your time.’ Those words killed me daily hearing that, but Cindy was there to help guide me through the healing process. Later that year, I spoke about my baby in heaven without shame or guilt. Cindy helped me become a better communicator in all aspects of my life. She gave me the tools and guidance I needed to heal, grow, and become the person I strive to be, but had had so many struggles blocking my path. Whatever obstacles to your goals you have on your path in life, Cindy will be there through every step and milestone cheering you on.” 

~Sara P.

“Working with Cindy was an absolute pleasure! While dealing with painful subjects, Cindy extended a warm, caring, helpful hand while still remaining professional. Cindy exceeded my expectations as someone who had never hired a counselor or coach before. I always left our sessions feeling hopeful and happy! With a calming nature and a friendly smile, Cindy helped me through so much in life, and taught me things I will never forget! I am so thankful I took the opportunity to work with her!”

~Bethany Jackson

“The 90 Day Confidence Coaching Program with Cindy has been very eye-opening, helping me become very clear about what I want and what I need without depending on someone else to provide them for me. It felt like things were out of control for me for a while, and the coaching helped me get organized in my thoughts, personally and professionally. I know I would still be spinning if it wasn’t for this. It helped me immediately and daily in my life.”

~Gwen Courter, Kansas

“Cindy has literally been an answer to prayer for me, but the 90 Day Confidence Coaching Program is one of those opportunities that I could have let go by the wayside. However, I am more confident, less hesitant to share myself with others again. I’ve come to terms with who I am and how I am, and now I am taking responsibility for my health fully which is making a huge difference. My fog and loss of direction has cleared. I am able to do and go to more places than I have in a long time. I no longer hide from picture taking anymore either. I find myself focusing on the positive again and helping others do the same.”

~ Lorraine Hendricks, Pennsylvania

I hired Cindy to help me solidify my pricing and learn how to more effectively communicate with my clients and potential clients. I also needed help organizing my time and tasks for my business to run most efficiently. Cindy was able to hold me accountable to all of my goals while she led me through a process to gain greater clarity around my business desires. She taught me stronger, tighter, more assertive verbal and written communication skills and helped me raise my rates to more appropriately match the value I give to my customers. From working with Cindy and applying everything we discussed, I am less stressed, approaching what I used to consider ‘problems’ with greater ease, my confidence has grown tremendously so I am no longer hesitant to ask for what I need, and I am making more money.”

~Janella Williams, Owner/Graphic Designer of 3 Clever Broads

“I hired Cindy to help me get organized in my home & office, stay accountable to my goals & execute action, and to learn effective verbage for issues that arise. She helped me create spaces, sort, organize, and purge. Having her perspective, insight, and support to move through blocks and self-sabotaging behaviors helped as well, and she continually asked me for what I needed. My greatest results have been moving forward toward all my goals, taking action, getting new clients and having my biggest financially successful month yet! My office space is peaceful, organized, and available now, and I am getting rid of things that no longer serve me. She ROCKS!”

~Amy Rose Carillo, Success Coach

“I have known Cindy Whitmer for over 20 years and through many life transitions. Her genuine concern for others shows in how she invests in their lives, sharing a wealth of information, techniques, accountability, and her unique perspective. Empathic and non-judgmental, Cindy will make herself available to anyone ready and willing to do whatever it takes to create their definition of success in their personal and professional lives. She has helped me recognize the abundant blessings in my life and supported me in thinking through things in ways I never have before.”

~Debbie Galbraith, Managing Director & Principal of Waverly Partners

“Cindy helped me with a very destructive relationship I was in and helped me so much with the aftermath of that relationship. He was emotionally abusive, a porn addict, and a sex addict and consequently ended in a protection from abuse order from the court. Cindy gave me the confidence I needed to feel strong again and move on with life. I will be forever grateful to her for her sincere caring.”


“I have had the pleasure of working with Cindy Whitmer on various key employee-related events, and the experience has always been very rewarding. We received wonderful feedback from employees when Cindy spoke at our Lunch & Learn programs. Our company also hired Cindy to host a workshop on ‘Managing Change’ and I came away with terrific insights into goal setting and career planning. She brings a very positive attitude and outstanding ideas to any program she leads.”

~Shanae Randolph, Corporate Director of Communications, MGP Ingredients, Inc.

“The flood of 2011 devastated my family. My parents lost their home, my children lost every childhood memory & I was scrambling to pick up the pieces. My mother was diagnosed with cancer 4 months before. My oldest son became caught up in the legal system. I began having problems at my job of over 20+ years. Fast forward 2 years…my mother was gone, my children were teenagers (gasp). Cindy was able to help me focus on myself, as a daughter, as a wife & as a mother.  Adult bullying is a real thing. Whether it be from family, friends or co-workers, it can be devastating. Cindy was able to help me navigate thru the nonsense.

When my son got into legal trouble, Cindy helped me realize that I had done all I could & just had to let things play out the way the cards were dealt.  She taught me to acknowledge the bad things but at the same time focus on the good things. I found myself withdrawing from my family, my job, my community. Cindy found ways to help me accept the changes & turmoils in my life, but that was just the beginning..

Now for the lasting impacts: The therapy & coaching I received helped me maneuver those treacherous years.  Cindy’s guidance & words of wisdom have helped to reinforce the original tools of self preservation that she taught me.  (If I choose to use them.) There are still multiple hurdles to be conquered but change is inevitable, and I know I have the ability to use what she so graciously taught me.

If anyone else was lucky enough to have Cindy touch their lives, Bless you. Cindy was able to show me how to focus on the positives in my life regardless of the negatives surrounding me. In reflection, Cindy taught me how to take care of myself & my well being first when I had just spent a lifetime trying to take care of others.”


“The classes Cindy led on self-love provided a helpful structure for looking at our beliefs and how our thoughts and feelings can be changed to support new beliefs we put in place about ourselves. I liked how doable the changes felt and how adapting her suggestions provided a positive experience right away! How I experience myself in life is deeply impactful in how we show up in the world, feeling whole and enough! I recommend experiences with Cindy as a way of exploring enjoying your whole being!”

~Joni Fornelli, Founder, The Lavendar House

“I met Cindy Whitmer as a referral to counsel with my family in the midst of a health crisis that involved three family members. Cindy was very warm and affirming. Through our ongoing sessions, Cindy exhibited an ability to listen and to ask the right questions resulting in a calmer, more logical plan for us to move forward. She is an amazing person to talk with. Her hallmark big smile and ability to put you at ease is life-altering.

~Dan S., Cedar Falls, Iowa

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