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Inspiring, guiding, and supporting people personally & professionally for over 25 years


Having given literally hundreds of talks over the years for small business gatherings, live radio shows, community organizations and professional conferences (just to name a few), I am available for your small or large event and can offer a wide range of topics based on your specific needs.

Private Corporate Coaching

For professionals wanting to “up their game” at work to ultimate satisfaction, success, & wealth

Soloprenuer Coaching

For entrepreneurs wanting to build their business to ultimate satisfaction, success, & wealth

Group Corporate Coaching

Assistance with executive presence, leadership development, team building, team effectiveness, increased productivity & profits, increased retention, company communication, mission/vision creation/fulfillment, staff trainings or retreats

Therapeutic Coaching

For anyone wanting to transform their personal lives to ultimate happiness, success, & health

Relationship Coaching

For singles or couples wanting to find and/or create loving, rewarding relationships with healthy communication & conflict resolution skills

Laser Coaching

Personal or professional clients wanting to keep a positive flow of established mindsets, skill sets, and/or habits