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My Mission

I relish the opportunity to help my clients build their confidence and get crystal clear about what they want, so they can carve out and create their own unique definition of success and happiness.

I work with people just like you who are really ready to make changes but not feeling like they have the confidence or the ability to do so on their own.

I am 100% committed to inspiring, guiding, & supporting you as you create your own definition of success & happiness. I will give you all the mind sets, skill sets, success strategies, support, and accountability that I have built in my tool box for over 30 years while partnering with you to create the personal & professional life you truly desire.

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“When I started The 90 Day Confidence Coaching Program with Cindy, I came in with some self-awareness and understanding of how depressed I was & how much my life was cluttered. I recognized my limitations & was stuck, unable to move forward. Cindy pulled my own abilities out of me, so I could take care of myself, learn new tools, daily routines, & activities that have changed my life at home & at work. I have more energy, a clearer head, more to offer others in my life, and have learned to ask for help when I need it. Cindy helped me clarify my desires, set tangible goals, and held me accountable to complete them. A natural progression of self-esteem has been a fringe benefit to all that I have accomplished in this short time.” 

~ Donna Griffin, Kansas

“Cindy is my Oprah, my Ellen, but most of all my Jiminy Cricket! Through her 90 Day Coaching Program, I have learned it’s ok to be negative because I can quickly turn it into positive and bring balance to my life. I learned to exhale, instead of holding my breath with worry and anxiety all the time. I can spend time with my bad feelings, deal with them, and let them go. Coaching has made me a better mom and a cooler grandma. I actually smile even before I get out of bed. I’ve started doing more yoga and feel alive again! I was really scared to find out I was lovable, but I’m so glad I did. I actually feel even younger. I’ve learned to say ‘no’ and realize it’s ok. I also know exactly where my money is going all the time and what I can spend each month. Before coaching with Cindy, I would only accomplish this or that, but now I have a whole list of things I am committed to doing that empower and excite me. I know I am pretty damn phenomenal now!”

~ Kathy Heiniger, Utah



Published Books



In this 2004 classic, Ms. Whitmer shares ways she simplified her life in eight different areas leading to greater life satisfaction.  By combining personal stories, coaching techniques, and journaling opportunities, Ms. Whitmer offers a path for anyone wanting a less-stressed, less-complex, easier way to live. 



Ever been to Africa? Take an adventure with the author as she travels to a third-world country on a mission trip and hear firsthand how she planned to change people’s lives and ended up being changed herself most of all! Ms. Whitmer’s heartfelt account of this life-altering journey will no doubt stir your soul, ignite your generosity, and support you in finding your way to a life of greater contentment.


Free Resources

One of my goals is to impact as many people as possible by offering information and assistance in several ways at all price points, so anybody can receive something from me.

Below you will find a variety of resources for you to enjoy and explore, at no cost to you.


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To become part of an online community focused on women’s empowerment, ask to join Cindy’s private Facebook group, “Confident Women ~ You CAN Have It All!

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Articles & Recommended Reading

For a list of my favorite authors & books I reference often in my work and utilize personally, and for access to several articles I have written over the years on common issues people experience, go here.